“Say yes when you mean yes, and no when you mean no.”

The man in today’s Gospel story had two sons who wavered doing their father’s will to work in his vineyard. One said “Yes, sure I’ll go”, but later changed his mind and refused to go. The other son initially said “No”, but later changed his mind and went to work in the vineyard. He was the better of two disobedient sons.

Throughout our lifetime, we have wavered in doing God’s will. Sometimes we enthusiastically say yes to God. I will pray more. I will be more forgiving and generous. I will keep the Commandments. Then in time, we waver and backslide to our old sinful way of life. Other times we say no to God, we close our hearts and minds to what God is asking us to do, but then God’s Holy Spirit touches our hearts and consciences and we change our mind to recommit ourselves to being better Christians. We become the better of the disobedient children of God.

Our prayer is that God’s grace will inspire us to be faithful to God’s will in our lives and that we will become diligent and faithful workers, building up God’s Kingdom on earth.

This past week, Dr. Peter Breaux, the President of our Parish Council sent out a robo call about the importance of registering and voting in the upcoming elections. He spoke about the struggle and sacrifice of Black people to gain the right to vote in this country, the countless number of people who gave their lives so that all people could exercise the right to vote. Critically important issues are facing our country and state, and each of us must express our voice and vote in addressing these issues.

Prayer is a critically important preparation for voting. We need the guidance of God’s Holy Spirit to help us make the right decisions. Our Moms Who Push and our Retreat Group will be reciting the Rosary at 5 AM each morning from October 1 through November 3. Attached is a flyer explaining how you can participate. We are also encouraged to fast and make sacrifices during this time as a sign of your willingness to do God’s will. Prayer and fasting when done together can move mountains.

Join us for the Public Square Rosary Crusade on Saturday, October 10 at 12 Noon. We will gather in front of our church. Bring a chair to sit on during the rosary or you may stay in your car parked on Myrtle Street.

We pray for all the sick especially Violet Malbrue, the sixth month old child of Raphael and Tiara Malbrue who is recovering from surgery. We pray for all who have died. May they Rest in Peace. Amen.

Attached you will find a document SFX Vote 2020 Important Information. Please share this information with relatives and friends.